The Fire Firm is a young company with more than 15 years of experience in fire safety in construction with specific emphasis on assessing the fire resistance of constructions, both on paper and in practice. We can take care of your testing program and execute fire safety scans on existing buildings and work in progress.

We possess the following fields of expertise:

Regulations on fire

Fire Safety Assessment

In accordance with applicable building regulations, some building constructions or building elements are to be carried out within a particular fire resistance requirement, for instance 30 or 60 minutes. How can be assessed whether an application actually fulfills this requirement? The starting point for this is a test report issued by an accredited fire testing institute. On the basis of such a report, The Fire Firm can assess if the practical situation falls within the parameters of the report. If this turns out not to be the case, we can advise you regarding possible changes to the structure so that the proper requirements are still met.

When an older structure is concerned, and relevant test reports are not available, which is often the case, we can do a physical assessment of the structure.

With us you can count on many years of solid experience in both the assessment of structures during inspections, as well as the execution of fire resistance tests in order to be able to make a reliable assessment of the expected fire integrity of a structure or element.

Fire Safety Test Result Assessment

A (successful ) fire test will generally result in a test report in which the parameters are listed for the use of the achieved test results . In addition to this, an Extended Application report, based on several fire tests, may have been issued to increase the scope of the achieved test results. Additionally, the combined results may result in a classification report which can ultimately be used as an approval document.

An assessment of these reports requires experience and expertise , especially when it comes to composite products and multiple fire tests. The Fire Firm has extensive experience in conducting fire resistance tests and writing accompanying test reports. Consequently, we can offer you our thorough and professional assistance in assessing these types of reports. Because applications in the field often deviate from what is mentioned in a report, or because the fire tests has been carried out based on a no longer valid standard, the expertise of a fire safety specialist (‘expert judgment’) from The Fire Firm may be crucial.

Pallets on fire
Fire stairs

Fire Safety Inspections

In order to get an impression of the fire safety status of a building, The Fire Firm can perform a fire safety inspection. This can be done, based on a 'quick scan', but also according to a more thorough inspection based on the Dutch Guideline NPR 6059. This guideline allows inspections for different functions and different safety levels, ranging from existing buildings to new buildings, as described in the building regulations. These inspections are normally non-destructive and leave no damage to the building. We only remove items that can be re-positioned such as ceiling tiles and panels.

Fire Rated Penetration Seals

The Fire Firm has extensive knowledge of fire rated penetration seals through years of participating in European standardization committees for the testing of fire rated penetration seals, CEN Technical Committee 127, Working Group 2, Task Group 1 and 2, by assessing constructions in practice on building sites and by performing numerous fire resistance tests. As a result, we are able to assist you in obtaining a CE mark on fire rated penetration seals. We are happy to advise you on which products to test and in which constructions, so soon join the results in order to get the results you need for the practical applications.

In practical situations , we can assess whether certain applications fall within the constraints of a European Classification and how these applications, if necessary, can be adjusted.

The Fire Firm can also provide a training course on on the application of the current and the upcoming revision of the current test standard EN 1366-3 Penetration seals. This is a two day course where the possibilities and impossibilities of the standard will be presented and explained through assignments where you learn to incorporate the standard.

Burning cables
Flame from match

Fire Safety Testing

The Fire Firm does not have its own testing laboratory, but can of course take care of the preparation and execution your test program at one of the laboratories with which we maintain good relations. This can be done in the Netherlands, but also in one of the many European member states, depending on your specific needs.

After determining the conditions of the test together, we take full control and take care of the coordination of the test and the appropriate reporting. The final result can either be a test report, an Extended Application report or a classification report (a requirement for CE marking).

We have good relations with various certification bodies and Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB) in Europe and are therefore able to assist with the acquisition of your ETA and/or CE mark.

Classification and Extended Application

The goal of most fire resistance testing is attaining a (European) approval and subsequently bringing the product to market in the EU. For this you will require a classification report in accordance with EN 13501-2. This classification report is a summary of one or more fire resistance test reports and concludes in a classification and a field of application. A classification report can be written by The Fire Firm.

In addition to results of the fire resistance tests, a classification can also contain results of an Extended Application of test results, if applicable European standards are available for this application. The Fire Firm has extensive experience with Extended Application standards and can write these reports for you.


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