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Fire Rated Penetration Seals

The Fire Firm offers professional guidance when obtaining a CE marking on a fire-resistant implementation. We can advise you on what needs to be tested and in which constructions, so that the results will be in line with the practical applications. Find out more
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Fire Safety Test Result Assessment

The Fire Firm has years of experience in conducting fire resistance tests and drawing up reports. Therefore we can provide you with thorough and professional assistance in test result assessments. Find out more

Classification and Extended Application

The goal of most fire resistance testing is attaining a (European) approval and subsequently bringing the product to market in the EU. For this you will require a classification report in accordance with EN 13501-2. This classification report is a summary of one or more fire resistance test reports and concludes in a classification and a field of application. Find out more
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Fire Safety Testing

The Fire Firm can, based on thorough knowledge and experience, take care of the preparation and execution of a test program at one of the laboratories with whom we maintain good contacts. This is possible in the Netherlands, but also at one of the many European laboratories, depending on your specific requirements. Find out more
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Fire Safety Assessment

The Fire Firm can assess whether your particular situation falls within the limits of a test report from an accredited test laboratory and, if necessary, advise you on any modifications to the construction to make sure that the requirements are met. Find out more
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Fire Safety Inspections

The Fire Firm can carry out a fire safety inspection to get an impression of the status of the fire safety of a building. This can be a 'quick scan' but also on the basis of NPR 6059. This can be tested against different levels as described in the building regulations, for example existing buildings and new buildings. Find out more

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