At The Fire Firm we have more than 15 years of experience with fire safety in buildings. We can assist you with our expertise in fire safety of building constructions and passive fire protection. Let us take full care of your test program and/or certification process.

On behalf of testing institutes and certification bodies we can also write EXAP and classification reports and perform your FPC audits.

Our Expertise

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Passive Fire Protection / Penetration Seals

If you are a manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and interested in expanding you product range or field of application of test results, then you have come to the right place. The Fire Firm has extensive knowledge of rules and regulations regarding passive fire protection, especially regarding penetration seals (EN 1366-3) and linear joint seals (EN 1366-4). Find out more
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Test Program for Approval or Certification

As a manufacturer you are probably looking at expanding your product range of passive fire protection products, or maybe you just want to extend the field of application of your test results. In most cases additional testing will be required. Find out more
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Assessment of Fire Safety of Building Elements / Constructions In Situ

In accordance with the applicable building regulations, building constructions or building element may have a need to fulfill requirements regarding fire resistance, for instance 30 or 60 minutes (on integrity E and/or insulation I, depending on local regulations). Find out more
Assessment of results

Assessment of Fire Resistance Test Results / Expert Judgement

A (successful) fire test will generally result in a test report that mentions the general conditions and field of application rules for the achieved test results. In addition to this an Extended Application report could have been issued to extend the field of application rules Find out more

Classification and Extended Application

The goal of most fire resistance testing is attaining a (European) approval and subsequently bringing the product to market in the EU. For this you will require a classification report in accordance with EN 13501. Find out more
Factory production control

Factory Production Control Audits

Building product that are put on the market in the EU are required to have a CE mark if they are covered by a Harmonised Technical Specification. One of the steps of obtaining such a CE mark is Factory Production Control inspections Find out more

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